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LL Roots Flowmeter

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■Product introduction
LL Roots flowmeter is a positive displacement flowmeter. With noval design, elegant shape and reasonable structure, LL is a lightweight flowmeter which is easy to install and operate. It is widely used for high accuracy oil measurement in petrochemical industry, electrical industry, metallurgy industry, transportation, national defense and commercial trade. LL type roots flowmeter is another kind of volumetric flowmeter introduced by Hefei Precision Instrument. The product is novel in design, beautiful in appearance and reasonable in structure. The fine LL type roots flowmeter is characterized by light weight, high precision, easy installation and so on. It is widely used in petrochemical, electric power, metallurgy, transportation, defense and commerce.

Exquisite LL type roots flow meter, composed of two parts by the shell and the counter, the customer can choose according to the specific measurement medium for their own roots flowmeter products. Exquisite brand roots flow meter can be configured pointer counter and electronic digital display counter, field display can also remote control.

■Product standards and license
This product to perform professional standards of the People's Republic of China JB/T9242-1999《General technical conditions of volumetric flowmeter
Q/JD2004-2010 The volumetric liquid flowmeter (entertprise standard)
Measuring instruments production license:Anhui system No 01000018,Far eastone display field
Explosion-proof grade:ExiaⅡCT6,dⅡCT6
Protection grade: IP66

Adaptation scope
LL-AL type cast iron roots flowmeter is widely used in all kinds of products and materials of cast iron and the measurement of corrosion liquid medium.
LL-ELtype cast steel waist wheel flow meter is used for the measurement of high pressure, low corrosive medium.
LL-LLtype cast aluminum light waist wheel flowmeter is suitable for low viscosity, low pressure, low corrosion (such as water, etc.) measurement of the medium.

Technical parameters
Working Pressure(Mpa):0.6MPa, 1.0MPa, 1.6Mpa, 2.5MPa, 4.0MPa
Working Temperature(℃):LL-A type roots flowmeter(-20~+60),LL-E、L type roots flowmeter(-41~+60)
Accuracy class:0.5, 0.3, 0.2
Flow range(m³/h) ,as the following shown
Nominal Diameter(mm)

liquid viscosity(mPa.s)


liquid viscosity(mPa.s)


liquid viscosity(mPa.s)


liquid viscosity(mPa.s)


liquid viscosity(mPa.s)


liquid viscosity(mPa.s)


25 0.6~6 1.2~6 1.2~6 1.5~6 1.5~6 2~6 some details please contact us
40 1.6~16 3.2~16 3.2~16 4~16 4~16 5~16
50 2.5~25 5~25 5~25 6~25 6~25 8~25
80 6~60 12~60 12~60 15~60 15~60 20~60
100 10~100 20~100 20~100 25~100 25~100 33~100
150 25~250 50~250 50~250 60~250 60~250 80~250
accuracy class 0.5 0.3 0.2

The major component material and the nominal pressure in the following table
model shell、front cover、
  • rear cover
cover board roots rotor axle axle sleeve nominal pressure(MPa)
LL-AL cast iron cast iron aluminium alloy stainless steel ball bearing    0.6、1.0、1.6
LL-EL cast steel cast iron aluminium alloy stainless steel ball bearing      2.5、4.0
LL-LL ball bearing cast iron/stainless steel aluminium alloy stainless steel ball bearing 0.6、1.0、1.6
comments Special contract can special design

■LL type roots flowmeter product labeling
Accuracy .J More than class 0.3
Type code LL- roots flowmeter
Special form G Pipe thread connection
Q Measuring gas flowmeter
T2 high temperature flowmeter with radiator
Material mark shell A cast iron
E cast steel
L Aluminum alloy material
rotor L Aluminum alloy material
Z Cast material
B stainless steel
Nominal Diameter(mm) 25........150 Nominal Diameter from 25mm to..............150mm
special requirements Modified products
Magnetic sealing mechanism
nominal pressure .06




.2 1.6MPa
.3 2.5MPa
.4 4.0MPa
counter A5 Mechanical pointer counter
A6、Z Back to zero counter
M11 Square big word counter
M12 90°Square big word counter
BELZ Electronic digital display counter
S1 With mechanical transient flow display
Transmitter GF-Ⅰ 12V Three wire system photoelectric pulse transmitter
GF-Ⅱ 24V Three wire system photoelectric pulse transmitter
MF 4-20mA Analog output transmitter

Special Note
Especially the mainly for special products, some of the logo, demand appears behind the product number in order to show the difference.
Such as product number1108052LA It means the flowmeter can be installed in a vertical
For example:LL-LL80Ⅱ.1/M1S1 GF-Ⅱ
LL-LL means cast aluminum roots flowmeternominal diameter DN80,modified products
nominal pressure1.0MPa,Square big word counter with instantaneous flow display, 24v photoelectric pulse transmitter

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